Merino wool beanies, hats and headwear

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Two years ago, I got a merino wool beanie for my birthday (basically Christmas) from 2 of my best friends. I absolutely love it! The girls surely know me well 🙂 I can’t find that exact model anymore but I have made sore research and find the best merino wool beanies, hats, and headwear available … Continued

The best merino wool sweaters and tops for women

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Sweaters are an essential part of a wardrobe and not just for outdoor activities. We love merino wool even outside hiking and snow activities. I have been wearing merino wool for a decade now and I am happy to share a list of of the best sweaters that goes beyond the traditional technical wear listing. … Continued

A review of the best merino wool shoes on the market

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I was just back from a trip in NYC during which one of my colleague mentioned how much she loved the new shoes she just bought. She said she had to check three times that she actually had her shoes home while coming to the office in the morning, because they were so comfortable. She … Continued

Merino Wool Pilling: Why Does it Happen and What You Can Do

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I thought this time it was it. I have this merino wool jogger pants from Finisterre since Winter 2015. And following the precepts of Marie Kondo, I should thank it for its loyal service and retire it. I have been wearing it pretty much every relaxing weekends home from cold Winters to chilly summer nights. … Continued

Best merino wool hoodies for men and women

Best merino wool hoodies for men and women

Hoodies have got a recent surge in popularity and are a wardrobe essential going way beyond sportswear. They can look very stylish if you choose a good fit, opting for higher quality materials such as merino wool. Merino hoodies tend to be slim-fit, rather than oversized which can make them look professional enough to wear … Continued

Best merino wool underwear for women

When travelling around the world, I use to have a pair of ExOfficio Undies. While I really loved both the look and how practically dried it would come out of the wash machine, they were not the best at wicking sweat and moisture while in Thailand or the Caribbean island! And because merino wool is … Continued

Gifts List 2021 for Merino Lovers

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The holidays season is coming up, so I put together a list of gift ideas that merino wool fans will love. You’ll find everything from gift ideas for snowboarders, hyyge ideas and more. Merino wool gifts ideas for snowboarders The Winter season is on. Here are some ideas for the most winter sports lovers. Buff … Continued