Merino Wool Dresses: 2020 Recommendations

I love to travel but it doesn’t mean that I have to look like I am going skiing all the time. Merino wool dresses are one of the most versatile piece of clothing to travel with or everyday life. It is easy to layer up with a merino tank top or camisole or a base … Continued

#VanLife: 23 Instagram Van Lifers to Follow

#vanlife in portugal with Charlotte

Tom and myself have been traveling as minimalist travelers for over 5 years now. Being able to jump on a flight for a 3-month long trip with just a 19L backpack is an amazing experience – no bulky luggage to lug around or useless items that you never end up using in the end. At … Continued

Top Women’s Merino Wool Leggings in 2020: 15 Pants Reviewed

woman walking at lake in leggings

There is an old debate in the outdoor world or whether merino wool or synthetic is best for baselayers. We generally think the advantage of merino wool outperform synthetics as it is naturally insulating and will help regulate your temperature, so you’ll find that they keep you warm when it colds. Counter-intuitively, insulating materials such … Continued