Merino Wool Rocks helps you find the merino wool clothes you need, whether to conquer the outdoors or find premium daily wear.

Is it worth it?

Best Place to Buy Merino Wool at Clearance Prices

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that merino wool is pricey.

Especially if you’re on a budget, it pays to spend a little time to research if you can find some discounts.

Watch Out for the End-of-Season Sales

The big brands such as Icebreaker and SmartWool generally have four seasons per year. At the end of each season, you’ll see the overstocked items go on sale on their own websites but also on other websites such as Amazon or outdoor retailers.

Check Out These Deal Websites

Here’s a list of links to the discount pages of websites that regularly have merino wool clothing at cut prices:

Check Out Discount Merino Wool Brands

You can find great deals on Merino wool by buying store brands such as Costco’s Kirkland brand of merino wool socks.

You can get 4 pairs of Kirkland socks for $11.99, which is an unbeatable price when compared to Icebreaker or Darn Tough.

REI also do their own brand of merino wool socks, which are worth checking out.

Check Out Best Value Merino Websites

Decathlon offers a range of technical merino wool clothing at a affordable price.

2 responses to “Best Place to Buy Merino Wool at Clearance Prices

  1. Be careful buying the Kirkland Costco socks. For whatever reason they don’t fit my feet well and do not stay up even in boots. Would not buy again.

  2. Aldi have an ownbrand merino range, called Crane, which pops up in their bargain baskets in-store and online, occasionally. Heard good things about it after a bit of googling. Hoping to get hold of some of their socks soon, I’m on a very low budget, so this appeals. Although admittedly I did just splash out a whole £20 on a nearly new Lundhags Merino Midlayer, which means four less meals this week, but totally worth it.

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