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Outlier is an Brooklyn-based company that produces a very focused range of clothing. They are unique in that they make small batches of clothes and test out new ideas for clothes regularly. They first came to fame thanks to their OG Climbers, a pair of pants designed for bicycle commuters. Since then, they’ve built out a range of Merino wool based clothing items for men along with other clothing.

Personally, I bought my first pair of Slim Dungarees from Outlier back in 2013, and I’ve loved these pants every since. I bought a second pair in 2014, and I’m still wearing them.

They are lightweight, dry quick and have a water resistant coating. They’re also excellent for their original purpose as pants for cycling.

When Do Outlier Have Sales?

I’ve been receiving emails from Outlier since 2013, and they’ve never had a sale or large scale discount in that period.

What Type of Clothes do Outlier Sell?

Outlier sells a limited range of clothes for men only. They regularly try out new ideas, so you’ll often see new types of clothes on their site.

A few years ago they used to sell women’s pants, which my girlfriend loved. Now, unfortunately, they only do mens clothing.

Where Can I Find Out More Outlier Clothing?

Outlier clothing ain’t cheap. Therefore, make sure you do your homework before buying some (although returns are hassle-free within the USA).

Visit the Official Outlier Store here

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